What’s the Variation In between a Flooring Buffer and a Ground Scrubber?


If you might be just acquiring into the field of creating service maintenance or workplace cleansing you might be certain to face the choice of whether to use a floor buffer or a floor scrubber for your ground cleaning work. You could believe at first “these must be the same type of machine, appropriate?” Effectively, not really.

Typically, a ground buffer is a device that has a horizontally rotating head that sits straight on the ground. Consider of a large, round scrubbing pad spinning in a circle. The spinning of the pad is run by a little motor, normally immediately in excess of the centre of the pad. Some buffers appear outfitted with a resolution tank that can squirt cleaning resolution straight into the scrubbing pad and on to your flooring. This added function allows the person to put little portions of cleaner on the flooring as required, without having possessing to cease and pour it immediately out of a bottle– a genuine time and back again saver. But, there is no way for a buffer to “vacuum up” that resolution after it’s on the floor.

Flooring buffers are also identified as rotary floor machines because the scrubbing area is consistently rotating in a circle in 1 route. Automatic ground scrubbers Might have a rotating head, similar to buffers, but many designs offer a cylindrical brush head. We are going to tackle that difference in a minute. Just know that you’ll run across the conditions “flooring buffer” and “rotary ground equipment” as indicating the same point.

Buffers are created to spin at a assortment of speeds. The velocity at which the pad or brush rotates straight impacts the type of flooring cleansing work you want to do. Lower velocity buffers are designed to manage scrubbing employment, when your floor has in-floor grime that you require to place some muscle into scrubbing away. Reduced speed machines are also your machine of decision when you need to strip off the outdated wax coating from a tough area, like commercially tiled floors you often uncover in grocery shops. Lower pace buffers will rotate from about 175 rpm. Variable velocity buffers will go from about one hundred seventy five-350 rpm.

Minimal velocity buffers are also suitable for scrubbing – or bonneting – carpeting, offered the equipment has enough horse electrical power (or twin capacitors) to take care of that variety of substantial-friction rotation. Make certain to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions for no matter whether a flooring buffer can be utilised for carpeting or not. A lot of manufacturers will void your guarantee if you’ve utilised a equipment on carpeting that is not meant to be utilized that way (don’t be concerned, they are going to be able to tell if you deliver your device in for guarantee work!)

Large pace buffers are created just for sharpening difficult floor surfaces. They rotate at really substantial speeds, in any case from about 1000 rpm to 3000 rpm. You Cannot use high speed buffers for any kind of scrubbing work. With the correct sharpening pad and a tiny buffing spray you can bring a wonderful shine to a challenging floor area. You just can’t do that with a reduced speed or variable velocity machine.

Most floor buffers run from a direct link to a electrical power supply, but some have internal batteries or a propane-run motor to propel the rotating pad. The gain of a battery or propane-motor sort product is becoming totally free of energy cords interfering with your scrubbing occupation. The gain of the electrical types is consistent resource of electrical power without having having to fret about draining a battery or fuel tank. Battery-run types are often utilised in LEED and green creating maintenance plans.

Flooring scrubbers, also acknowledged as automated ground scrubbers or vehicle scrubbers, are a whole various animal. They not only have a scrubbing head, but an automatic technique for dispensing cleaning remedy and then vacuuming it up. So, in a single move in excess of your flooring, you can dispense cleaning or stripping solution, scrub it into the floor, and vacuum it all up with a squeegee attachment at the back again of the device. Automobile scrubbers have a different dispensing tank and a selection tank to preserve your cleanse h2o from your soiled water.

Even although automated scrubbers are generally far more expensive equipment up front, the time saved in cleansing your flooring could really nicely off-set that first value. Conserving operator time (and cash) is the most regular reason for buying these productive machines for developing servicing plans.

In the finish there are a lot of elements to contemplate in determining which type of equipment, a ground buffer or a floor scrubber, is very best for your certain predicament. If you have a really large facility with the two extensive open areas (like the middle of a mall) and limited spaces (like in bogs) then maybe your best instrument for the work is Each sorts of devices.


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