Everything you need to know about Chadar Trek


The Chadar Trek is no doubt one the best winter expedition to experience. The frozen trail on the Zanskar river connects remote areas of Zanskar that otherwise gets block during the winter. The temperature goes below minus 30 degree celcius at some point during the night. All these challenges add thrill to the expedition of Chadar trek.

And these challenges is what makes Chadar trek one of the most famous winter trek in India.

Frozen river trail

The trail starts from Shingra Yokma and will take you by means of the frozen Zanskar River to the village of Nerak. The path contributes to an exceptional prospect to vacation and get familiar with the classical society of Zanskar, which is an amalgam of Tibetan and Indian cultures.

Why is Chadar trek difficult

The major issues that you may possibly experience throughout Chadar Trek are facing the extreme weather conditions at a freezing temperature of -15°C to -30°C. And the high altitude areas of more than 10,000 feet just add the difficulty of this trek. So, staying warm and getting acclimitized is very important during the trek to make the Chadar trek expedition easier.

Season of Chadar trek

Chadar trek is a winter trek and is only possible when the trail of Chadar trek at Zanskar river gets frozen. The months of January and February are the best two months for the Frozen Chadar river trek. Expert Sam K. Pandepa suggest to go for Chadar trek only upto the first week of February. As, the icesheets starting to melt from the second week of February.

Things to Carry

Carry all the essentials as recommended your guide Such as: winter jacket, down jacket, thermals, wollen socks, gloves, wollen caps. Medications such as; Bandaid, Pain Killers, Anti-allergens, Precautionary medications for diarrhea, altitude sickness, oral rehydration tablets. Don’t overlook meals or slumber. Other important items such as Gum boots, treking shoes, trekking poles etc.


  • It is very important to inform your family or anyone close to you before embarking on the Chadar trek.
  • First three days of the trekking should be in Leh for acclimitization.
  • Carry warm garments as there is intense numbness on the Chadar Frozen river trek, and the temperature ranges from -15°C and -30°C.
  • Keep yourself warm during the trek
  • Trekking to these kinds of an elevation at this temperature is very challenging. Get completely ready with food and be hydrated during the trek.
  • Visit this site for complete information about the Chadar trek.


If you are looking for adventure then chadar is for you. Once you complete the trek, you will truly feel like you are on prime of the entire world as you will comprehend the everlasting allure of the pristine landscape, which is untouched.


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