Can Machine Learning be used for Damage Assessment in Cultural Heritage Buildings?


Short answer is Yes. Faculty from Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar has suggested the application of machine leaning in structural health monitoring of cultural heritage buildings in his recent review article published in Journal of Cultural heritage (Elsevier). The article can be downloaded using the link

Machine Learning

The machine learning techniques have found their application in several domain areas of engineering so why leave cultural heritage. He highlights several areas within the cultural heritage field where the powerful machine learning techniques such as computer-vision can find their application. These techniques can be used for several predictive applications such as predicting the compressive strength of masonry or repair mortars, possible damage scenarios in heritage buildings, seismic vulnerability assessment, determination of the mechanical properties of materials, and superficial damages on the surface of the monument due to weathering effects, material loss, efflorescence, seepage, algae growth, and moss deposition.

So get ready to decide which one particular ML technique should you decide on for conservation of cultural heritage building? The response to this question in the end is dependent on your application. Very last but definitely not least, you want to know more about ML in civil engineering just download the paper from the Elsevier website.


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